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How Long Is Medical Billing & Coding School?

how long is medical billing and coding school

Since there are different types of medical billing and coding programs, there are a few different answers to the ‘how long does medical billing and coding school take?’ question. Also, similar programs can take different lengths of time depending on the school you choose. Find a medical billing and coding school near you.

Medical Billing & Coding Program Lengths: Quick Answers

Certificate Training - Though some accelerated online medical billing and coding certification training programs can take 6 weeks or less to complete, the majority of certificate programs generally take 6 months or more.

Diploma - Medical billing and coding diploma programs typically include 4 to 5 semesters of coursework, so it will take from about one year to 15 months to complete a diploma program.

Associate’s Degree - An associate's degree program in medical billing and coding takes roughly 16 months to 2 years to complete.

Medical Billing Schools with Program Length

The following examples are our partner schools, while the program durations noted apply to full-time students. If a student is studying on a night and/or weekend schedule, their program will take more time to complete.

  • All State Career School - The diploma program at All State Career School takes 1,020 clock hours; or 48 instructional weeks.
  • Berks Technical Institute - You can complete this medical billing and coding program and earn a diploma in as little as 15 months.
  • Carrington College - Carrington’s online certificate program takes about 9 months to complete, while their associate’s degree program is about 16 months in length.
  • Keiser University - To earn an associate’s degree in medical administrative billing and coding, students must earn a total of 60 credit hours.
  • Miller Motte College - Classroom and online certification programs both take as little as 15 months.
  • Remington College - You can complete Remington College’s diploma program in as few as 9 months.
  • United Education Institute - UEI’s medical billing and insurance coding certification training program can be completed in as few as 10 months.
  • Wichita Technical Institute - WTI’s program takes 5 semesters of coursework to complete.

The aforementioned program length information was gathered from each school’s official website, online course guide, and/or disclosures documentation. 

For more school information, see our complete list of partner medical training schools.

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