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Health Science

A career in health science refers to the interdisciplinary field that merges science and research with healthcare. The umbrella term of health science includes many careers, such as various medical technician positions, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and more. If you are someone who is passionate about the medical industry and would like to put your expertise in patient care to good use, a career in health science could be perfect for you.

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What Does a Health Science Professional Do?

A career in health sciences combines scientific research with healthcare – it can include both clinical and nonclinical concentrations. Some health science occupations may require certification to work in the field.

Like allied healthcare careers, health sciences can involve many different occupations that take place in a healthcare clinic or setting. Working in the health sciences can involve working in clinical laboratories, administration, dentistry, rehabilitation therapies, sports medicine, and many other healthcare related fields. You might conduct research, or work in a more hands-on setting involving patients. Your exact responsibilities will depend on your specific job title and experience.

How to Get into Health Science 

Since health science involves a broad array of healthcare careers, the exact path you take toward becoming a health science professional depends on your career of choice. Typically, an associate in a health science curriculum will take 2 years to complete.

Some certificate programs, however, provide faster training options. For instance, dental and medical assisting programs can take as few as 10 months to complete. Depending on your field, you may need to take a certification exam after completing your program.

When choosing a health science program, it is important to ensure that the institution your program is accredited. Accreditation is important; if your program is not accredited, you may not be considered eligible for future certifications, or even, employment.

Reasons to Choose a Career in Health Science

By working in the health sciences, you are able to pursue a medical career without the time commitment and financial investment medical school incurs.

There are many other reasons people choose to enter the health sciences. These include but are not limited to:

  • Helping Others: Health science professionals improve the lives of their patients, making the field a fulfilling and rewarding one.
  • Job Security: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for overall medical science professions is expected to increase 17 percent by 2031.
  • Training Options: Most careers in the health sciences offer shorter training times, making you career-ready potentially sooner.
  • Experience Before Work: Before entering the workforce, health science professionals typically get hands-on training in their career of choice.

Working in the health sciences offers the ideal balance of science and medicine to the person who takes interest in both. It is a rewarding career path with a variety of options!

Health Science Career Opportunities and Pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a career in health sciences is expected to increase 13 percent by 2031, this is much faster than the national average of all careers. Depending on your job title, you may have increased job security.

For example, the BLS predicts that occupational therapy assistants will experience an increased demand of 25 percent by 2031, which is significantly faster than the national average.

Your pay in the health sciences also depends on your specific job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national average pay for health science careers was $35,560, with the top 10 percent earning closer to $47,670 in 2022. It is possible that your earning potential could be higher, however. The BLS reports that the average pay for radiologic technicians, for example, was $70,240 in 2022.

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There are many reasons to choose a career in health sciences. If you are someone who is interested in research, healthcare, and helping others, you may enjoy a career in the health sciences.

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