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Medical Imaging

A medical imaging technologist uses various equipment and techniques to examine patients to diagnose medical conditions. If you are someone who is technically inclined and interested in patient care, medical imaging may be a great field to go into. You will typically work in a hospital or any other medical clinic.

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What Does a Medical Imaging Technologist Do?

Medical imaging technologists examine a patient, using different equipment to image areas of a patient’s body to diagnose, treat, and monitor medical diseases, conditions, or injuries. An imaging technologist may use a variety of techniques and equipment daily.

You will work with MRIs, CT scanners, X-rays, PET scans, MR scanners, ultrasound equipment, and even endoscopy equipment. Working with doctors, you will perform medical imaging as instructed by a doctor, record the results, and you may even assist in patient treatment.

Reasons to Become a Medical Imaging Technologist

There are many great reasons to choose a career as a medical imaging technologist, including but not limited to:

  • Helping Others: Medical imaging technologists play a crucial role in patient treatment and care. It’s an in demand and rewarding career.
  • Great Pay: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that pay for Radiologic Technologists and Technicians in 2022 was $70,240.
  • Work with Your Hands: If you enjoy technical work, the various techniques and equipment you’ll need to use will ensure the job is never dull.
  • Career Preparation: Most training programs/associate degree programs will provide students with beneficial hands-on experience before entering the workforce.

As a medical imaging technologist you have the daily opportunity to earn a great living while making an impact in the lives of your patients. The balance between interacting with doctors, nurses, and patients make this career never dull, and always rewarding.

Medical Imaging Technologist Job Outlook and Pay

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical imaging technologist positions are expected to increase 6 percent by 2031, which is about as fast as the national average. The BLS also reported that in 2022, imaging technologists earned an average pay of $70,240, with the top 10 percent earning $97,940.

Become a Medical Imaging Technologist 

If you are someone who is great with technology and passionate about patient care, the industry needs you. You will play a crucial role in identifying and monitoring patient diseases, conditions, and injuries. You may also be involved in treatment options. Medical imaging technologists experience extremely rewarding careers, and you can too.

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