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Medical Billing and Coding

Learn skills like translating patient information into medical code, submitting insurance claims, generating invoices, handling payments, and more.

Medical Records Technician

A MRT transfers data from the doctor to the patient's permanent medical record. Training, accuracy, timing and attention to detail are essential to career success.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical technicians, or MT's, can find work in various healthcare environments including hospitals, medical facilities, doctors offices and dental offices.

Medical Insurance Specialist

Medical insurance specialists (MIS), process patient information, collect pre-admission insurance information and submit patient insurance claims.

Medical Front Office and Billing

Medical front office staff are responsible for the daily function of the front office, organizing, welcoming patients, entering information and a lot more.

Medical Assistant

Most medical assistants are cross-trained to perform administrative and clinical responsibilities and medical assistant duties vary by health care facility.

Medical X-Ray Technician

Also known as radiographers or radiologic technicians, an x-ray technician works with diagnostic machines at a clinic, hospital or an off-site location.

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