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Looking Into Becoming A Medical Records Technician?

What Is A Medical Records Technician?

An electronic medical records technician (E/MRT) transfers data from the doctor to the patient's permanent medical record. Symptoms, diagnoses and follow-up actions, are noted by the medical records technician. Accuracy, timing, and attention to detail are essential to perform this career successfully.

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Each time a patient visits his or her physician, the medical record is reviewed, allowing the doctor to understand the patient’s history and reason for the visit. With the help of the medical records technician, the doctor receives an update through the written and spoken notes of all previous visits.

MRTs must also be familiar with some codes that identify various symptoms, diagnoses and clinical procedures. Most of the work is computer-based, utilizing various record and database software packages. Although you will not connect face-to-face with the patient, you must have communication skills, since you'll connect with the doctors and nurses for clarification or to finalize details. 

Medical Records Technician As A Career

Most medical records technicians can find employment at:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors offices
  • Small clinics
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies

Top paying states as of 2023 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Washington: $64,250
  • California: $64,070
  • Connecticut: $63,250
  • Maryland: $62,930

Schools With Medical Records Technician Courses

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