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​Administrative Careers In The Medical Field

There are numerous career options in the medical field that don't require an extensive formal education—many of which fall into the administrative category and allow you to work in a medical office, helping people on a daily basis.

Do you have your sights set on the medical field? Consider a career in the following areas.

Medical Billing Or Coding Professional

Medical billing and coding experts are in high demand in the medical field. In these similar but different careers, you are responsible for billing patients, entering billing codes as applicable, and working with patient health insurance companies to collect payment.

You will also work directly with patients to resolve billing disputes and collect out-of-pocket payments for the medical services performed. To become a medical coder or medical biller, formal training is required, along with certification. Training can take up to two years to complete.

Medical Front Office Staff

Are you great with people? Do you prefer administrative tasks? A possible career choice utilizing these skills would be working as a member of a medical front office staff. These are the friendly faces patients see as they walk into the doctor's office. You will also collect the necessary patient paperwork and make sure patients see the doctor in a timely manner.

Other responsibilities include scheduling appointments, answering basic questions about the medical practice over the phone, greeting patients as they come in, and helping them fill out new patient forms and other paperwork. You are also responsible for maintaining and organizing patient files, which may be in physical or electronic form.

Administrative Medical Assistant

There are two types of medical assistants: clinical MAs and administrative MAs. If you work as a clinical medical assistant, you can perform a number of basic procedures, such as taking a patient's blood pressure, weighing and measuring patients, and even drawing blood as needed.

If you would like to work on strictly administrative duties, then become an administrative medical assistant. You’ll focus on paperwork, set up appointments, work with insurance companies, and update patient records.

It takes as few as 10 months of formal education to become either kind of medical assistant.

X-Ray Technician

If you want a job in the medical field that’s not administrative yet won’t take a long to complete, then think about starting a career as an x-ray technician.

X-ray techs take the necessary diagnostic images as determined by the doctor while ensuring patient safety with regard to radiation. You also discuss x-ray results with the doctors and specialists as they diagnose injuries including broken bones, fractures, and sprains. Becoming an x-ray technician can take 1-2 years of formal education.

Your Career Helping Others

Your options working in the medical field extend beyond becoming a nurse or a doctor. With the right training, you will be well on your way to a career in any of these rewarding medical positions.

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