Medical Billing and Coding

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Q: What is Medical Billing & Coding?

A: Medical billing and coding is the communication that takes place between the medical provider and the insurance agent. A common thought is that medical billing and medical coding are the same career however they are not.

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Difference between medical billing & coding

  • Medical billers assign codes and insurance information and insert them into the billing software.
  • Medical coders decipher the documents written by the doctors or nurses and apply the appropriate procedure codes.

The medical billing process begins with the medical care provider-patient visit and ends with payment collection. During this time, a medical billing specialist and a medical coding specialist are deeply involved.

Learn at Classes in a Billing & Coding Course

  • translating patient information into a medical code
  • submitting claims to insurance company
  • generating invoices
  • handling payments
  • collecting confidential patient information
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Medical Billing & Coding Career - Jobs/Pay

Whether your career is in a healthcare facility like a hospital, a nursing facility or a physician/dentist office, you will have a variety of employment options to consider. 

  • where: Hospitals, pay: $40,510
  • where: Physician Office, pay: $33,030
  • where: Nursing Facilities, pay: $35,910
  • where: Outpatient Care, pay: $38,400

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