Medical Careers

When you choose a medical career, you have a variety of opportunities to choose from as well as industry growth on your side. Career growth in the medical field is expected to increase exponentially.

Medical careers include:

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding personnel are essential to the healthcare industry, requiring attention to detail and organization. Translating patient information into the appropriate medical code, and compiling and submitting claims to insurance companies, ensures that the business side of healthcare does not obstruct the vital medical care patients need.

Medical Records Technician

Whether it be a doctor’s office or an orthodontic practice, every patient has a file that requires a medical records technician (MRT). Also crucial to the healthcare industry, a medical records tech is one of the few positions that does not include face-to-face contact with patients, but is responsible for accurately entering patients medical records into a computer database and keeping these records up-to-date.

Medical Transcriptionist

Do you consider yourself a great listener? Do you often take precise notes or create detailed lists? A medical transcriptionist (MT) could be a great career for you. The discipline of an MT is considered a form of record keeping. As a record keeper, a medical transcriptionist listens intently to their assigned physician or healthcare professional, converting conversations and codes into written reports.

Medical Insurance Specialist

If you have the ability to multitask and provide clear and concise information, a career as a medical insurance specialist could be a great fit for you. Medical insurance specialists have to handle a variety of responsibilities, including patient records and medical coding procedures.

Medical Front Office and Billing

Medical front office personnel can be considered the face of a healthcare facility or medical practice. Front office staff meet and greet each patient, collect the necessary health and insurance information and provide instruction. A detailed multitasker with an uncanny ability to relate to others could have a very successful career working on a medical front office and billing team.

Medical Assistant

Looking for hands on training on the job? Medical assistants work alongside physicians in a variety of medical settings including medical offices, clinics, ambulatory care facilities and outpatient facilities. A medical assistant takes on tasks that are both front-end and back-end responsibilities, including clinical duties and laboratory work.

Medical X-ray Technician

A medical x-ray tech plays a vital role in the medical community, by providing the requested images physicians need to complete a diagnosis and treatment plan. X-ray techs create diagnostic images of various parts of the body using radiographic equipment. Depending on the state where you reside, this career path may require an associates degree and/or licensure/certification.

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