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Since South College was founded in 1882, we have focused on serving students who want hands-on, career-driven education that will have a meaningful impact on their lives and livelihoods.

More than a century ago, fulfilling that mission meant supplying on-campus offices so students could conduct business in the mercantile and banking industries while getting an education.

Today, it means offering accelerated, hybrid, transfer, and distance learning programs. It means small class sizes, state-of-the-art labs, and campuses that are convenient to large numbers of students. Most of all, it means experienced professors who provide real world examples and lead in-depth discussions.

Health Science - Associate

Health science covers a large group of career paths related to the delivery of healthcare to those in need. Whether you’re interested in the application or the research; our specialized programs & concentrations can help you home in on your specific goals.

If you’re interested in hands on patient care, you can learn about the human body and perform various diagnostic imaging procedures that help treat disease and injury.

Additionally, you can plan your future career by preparing to enter the nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, and physician’s assistant fields. No matter where you’re starting, our programs can help guide you in the right direction.

Health Science - B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science program at South College provides a foundational education for students wishing to pursue professions or graduate education in the pure or applied health sciences, including medicine, nursing, and pharmacy studies.

Graduates from this program often have many choices for entry into and promotion within a variety of fields. Whether you choose to enter the workforce or continue your education, our B.S. in Health Science program is just the first stepping stone to a rich and fulfilling scientific career.

Students will graduate the program with training in clinical competency, health science research activities and processes, and the interpersonal and workplace skills required for leadership roles. If you’re interested in working with the latest medical technologies, methodologies, and innovations, a career in the health sciences can be an exciting and challenging prospect with a lot of job opportunities in a range of applications.

Health Science / Pre-Nursing - Associate

The Associate of Science in Health Science (Pre-Nursing) program at South College is designed to be the foundation for advanced programs like the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and BSN to MSN track, and ultimately for your nursing career. Students who do not go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree will be qualified for a variety of entry-level positions in the biological, life, or health sciences.

Health Science / Pre-Pharmacy - Associate

The Associate of Science in Health Science (Pre-Pharmacy) program is designed to provide the foundational courses for students who intend to apply to our Doctor of Pharmacy program. It is also excellent preparation for careers in the biological, life, or health sciences, as well as advanced degrees related to the health sciences.

Health Science / Pre-Physical Therapy - B.S.

For many patients who’ve suffered injury, illness, or other conditions that limit their ability to function normally, physical therapy is a crucial aspect of recovery. If you’re interested in a career helping patients through physical therapy, South College’s Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy) program provides the foundational training you need to begin your career.

Under the instruction of South College’s highly trained faculty, you will gain essential skills and knowledge in areas like physiology, biology, chemistry, healthcare law and ethics, and healthcare administration. These studies will lay the groundwork for pursuing physical therapy career specializations and eventual certification.

Physical therapists help millions of people regain their health and mobility with expert knowledge of human anatomy, leading treatments, and professional, compassionate patient care. This program can be demanding and fast-paced, but is ultimately rewarding for students who are committed to pursuing a career in health sciences.

Health Science / Pre-Physician Assistant - B.S.

South College’s Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Pre-Physician Assistant) program gives students the foundational knowledge to pursue admittance to the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program. Students who do not choose to pursue a master’s program will also find opportunities for positions in the biological, life, or health sciences.

In addition to a variety of general education courses, the curriculum includes foundational courses in anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry. Students also take healthcare administration courses including healthcare law and ethics, health science research, health economics, and health science leadership.

Physician assistants are healthcare professionals who are licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. They help to improve access to medical care by expanding a physician’s practice base, which is especially important in medically underserved areas. Many PAs are employed in primary care specialties, including family practice, pediatrics, and general medicine.

Medical Assisting Specialist - Certificate

This program is designed to prepare students for the exam to become Certified Medical Assistants and take the first steps toward an exciting career with a wealth of opportunities for advancement.

Our unique 1 + 1 program allows students who complete the 9 month certificate program to continue for an additional 3-4 quarters to complete the general education requirements and earn an Associate degree in Medical Assisting. Regardless of whether you choose the 1 + 1 track, the certificate program pairs online instruction (all but 3 courses) with on campus laboratory courses and on-the-job practicum observation and experience from the very beginning, providing complementary academic and practical coursework.

The broad skill set offered in this course can be applied to a variety of clinical settings and covers administrative, laboratory, and clinical skills. The Certificate in Medical Assisting program is designed to help you enter the medical workforce as quickly as possible, putting you on the fast track to joining an exciting and rewarding field.

The South College Asheville campus has partnered with Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) to offer Medical Assisting students the unique opportunity to participate in an IV prep course. This course provides students with a practical Simulation Lab experiential training in the process of initiation and removal of an IV catheter.

Medical Assisting Advanced - Associate

An Associate of Science in Medical Assisting will prepare you to work in a medical office, assisting practitioners with examining and treating patients, performing laboratory testing, and providing administrative support. If you enter this program as a certified medical assistant, it will help you build on that status to expand both your career options and your earning potential.

As part of this two-year degree program, you will learn a variety of related skills, including medical billing and coding, patient care management, and taking patient medical histories. We pair students with on-the-job clinical coursework, providing classroom support for experiential learning so you can get the most out of your degree. You’ll receive the educational instruction you need alongside practical training that will help to make you more competitive in a rapidly growing job market.

If you enter this program as a part of our 1 + 1 program with the Certificate in Medical Assisting, you will only have 3-4 quarters of general education requirements to complete your degree.

Licensed Practical Nursing - Certificate

The Certificate Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program provides practical nurses with academic and clinical practice opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills that are essential to meet the demands of today’s healthcare environment. The program offers career-focused curricula designed to cultivate students’ successful learning and the ability to apply knowledge, think critically, and communicate effectively. Graduates of the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program are eligible to take the LPN licensure examination (NCLEX-PN).


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