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What's A Pre-Nursing Course Like?

As you begin your pursuit of a career in nursing, it can be hard to figure out where you need to go. Finding the right nursing school is the ultimate goal, but there are a number of prerequisite needs that must be fulfilled beforehand.

Learn about the different nursing career options.

How To Fulfill Nursing Prerequisite

In order to satisfy these requirements, the best route is to attend and complete courses at a pre-nursing school.

Pre-nursing schools provide students the opportunity to complete these necessary prerequisites needed to apply for a BSN program.

These pre-nursing programs aren’t intended to prepare students to become nurses, but rather to prepare them with basic nursing education before transferring into a nursing school.

A pre-nursing program typically takes two years to complete. Often, they’re designed to prepare nursing students for an associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Required Pre-Nursing Program Classes

While there will be elective courses that pre-nursing students can choose to take, there are also a number of classes that students must complete to earn their pre-nursing certification.

In most pre-nursing programs, these required courses include:

  • anatomy
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • nutrition
  • mathematics
  • English

In each of these classes, pre-nursing students will learn introductory information in each of these specialties in a ‘101’ format.

For example, in an anatomy course, students will learn about the structure and functions of the human body. They’ll often be assigned readings from textbooks, attend labs to evaluate human anatomy in person, and partake in a series of lectures.

Some of this work can be completed online or in person. Of course, this format will be different for everyone and depends on the type of program you choose to pursue.

Pre-Nursing Can Lead To Post-Training Success

This process may seem like a lot of work, but pre-nursing programs are designed to ease students into the world of medicine. Pre-nursing programs truly prepare students to take the next step in pursuing a nursing career. These classes will help anyone lacking in medical knowledge, and are structured around the basics of nursing education.

If nursing is truly a career path you wish to pursue, take the first step  find your local pre-nursing program and get started today!

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