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Benefits Of Online Medical Billing And Coding Training

Online training programs are becoming more common, and medical billing and coding is no exception. In fact, online training for billing and coding is now one of the fastest expanding fields in education.

One of the reasons for the boom: medical billers and coders can work on their own—even remotely at home. There are few to no labs required, and no specific hardware you’d need to learn or become proficient in. 

Thanks to the individuality of the career, training has followed suit. With online education, you can be career-ready in as few as 10  months, and the training is flexible. Plus, many of these programs have a lower cost compared to 4-year college and university degrees!

Benefits Of Online Medical Billing and Coding Training

Billing and coding training is routinely done with the sole purpose of educating students on learning the ins and outs of specific software used and required by many hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. Upon completion of your certificate program, you should be prepared for an entry-level position.

Program Costs

According to Lessons.com, the national average cost of a medical billing and coding certificate program is only $1,210.

In April of 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that medical billers made an average of $47,120 in 2023. The top 10 percent made closer to $62,530. In addition, medical coders averaged $53,690 in 2023 with the top 10 percent earning $77,810. With these reported salaries in mind, the average cost of $1,210 to start your program can serve as a valuable investment in your future. 

But even though $1,210 is the national average, online programs can cost as little as $749. One reason costs may be slightly less in online education is that books, supplies, and potentially even uniforms are significantly reduced or nonexistent.

With financial aid, believe it or not, those program costs could ultimately be even lower. These figures also do not take into account the possibility of obtaining scholarships or grants.

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Time to Completion

A common time frame for both online and in-classroom certificate training programs is roughly 10 months.

However, online training provides students with the added benefit of training faster and/or slower to accommodate their preferred style of training. A reasonable accelerated pace can have students completing their courses in as few as 7 months, say some schools.

Easy To Manage Format

Typically, you’ll only take 1-2 classes at a time. Many courses come with timetables to keep you on track to finish. Most have dashboards with all your lessons, grades, and forums in one clean and organized place. Some programs are entirely mobile-friendly, removing even more hurdles from your life.

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Even More Benefits

Online training programs can save you money on tuition, but they also can let you spend more time with family and friends. Because there is no classroom to show up at, there’s no wasted time in commuting. 

Plus, since attending class only requires access to the internet in many cases, you can learn wherever is convenient to you. That might mean on the couch with your significant other, at a coffee shop, or even outside in a quiet spot.

Popular For A Reason

There are a number of benefits to online training, such as the opportunity to study from anywhere and make your own schedule. Whether you decide to complete your training online, or choose in-class training as right for you, medical billing and coding programs will prepare you for a career path in a rapidly growing industry!

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