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Types Of Medical Training Programs—Certificate Vs. Degree

If a career in the medical field sounds appealing, then continue reading to learn about different types of medical training programs. We also break down the differences between certificate and degree programs, so you can decide which career path is best for you. 

Programs And Specialties

You have many types of medical training programs to choose from, all with various entry requirements, course content, graduation requirements, and career paths. There are also more than two dozen medical training specialties, including:

Certificate Vs. Degree

Once you choose your specialty, you can decide between a certificate/diploma or a degree. Essentially, the biggest difference is the length of your education and how much you can learn in that time frame.

Remember, the more you know, the better the job opportunities that exist. However, that also doesn't mean you need to learn everything at once.

Some students want to get into the field fast and build their careers from the inside, so they opt for a certificate program. Others find it best to go for an associate or bachelor’s degree from the beginning. Many specialties are offered in either format, so you shouldn’t feel limited.

Medical Training Certificate Programs

Examples of medical training certificate programs you can choose from are:

Medical Training Degree Programs

Examples of medical training degree programs you can choose from are the following, ranging from associate to doctorate degrees, depending on the area of specialty:

  • Allied health
  • Alternative medicine
  • Community health
  • Health science
  • Health and wellness
  • Healthcare administration
  • Healthcare management
  • Medical assistant
  • Nurse
  • Physician

What's Your Goal?

Your decision about the type of medical training program to choose, what area you will specialize in, and whether you should go for a certificate or degree depends on your career goals.

The healthcare industry and its various fields are among the top careers with a high projected job growth from now through 2032, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Making plans now to enter a healthcare career can set you up for future success. You could be career-ready in as few as 10 months through a certificate training program!


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