Medical Insurance Specialist

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What does a Medical Insurance Specialist do?

It is the job of the MIS to assist patients with obtaining and understanding their medical benefits. Other responsibilities include updating patient records, medical insurance billing details and registration forms.

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Medical Insurance Specialist Job:

  • process patient information,
  • collect pre-admission insurance information
  • submit any patient claims
  • verifying a patient’s insurance coverage
  • identifying  insurance requirements

 A good MIS takes on the responsibility of examining claims, verifying insurance eligibility, recording medical charges, payments or adjustments, detecting coding errors and performing modifications as needed.

Medical Insurance Specialist Training/Requirements

A medical insurance specialist must receive the appropriate, accredited training in the

  • insurance coverage verification process,
  • diagnostic and procedure codes
  • manual and digitized claim preparation.

Certified schools require students to have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. 

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