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Is Online Medical Billing And Coding Worth It?

Medical billing and coding is among the hottest career tracks right now, and for good reason. High pay, fast training, the ability to work from home: It’s a long list of benefits.

Technology’s rapid evolution has changed the way the job is done, but many schools are now implementing that tech-savvy approach in their training. So with the whole online training option, you may be asking yourself, ‘is it worth it?’ Many may be skeptical of online training.

Yes, we do everything else online, but the preconceived notion of online education lacking credibility still exists. Here, we’ll explain why that couldn’t be further from the truth, and outline the many advantages of online billing & coding training.

Online Medical Training Benefits

Credibility - All of our partner schools are nationally accredited. In fact, the curriculum taught in these programs is almost identical to the classwork offered in on-campus programs.

Affordability - Online training programs are much easier on your wallet. With books, lectures, notes, and video all being digital, your costs are drastically reduced.

Make Your Own Schedule - With online training, coursework can be done on your time, instead of the other way around. Whether you want to knock out a few lessons on a slow night, or if you want to take a few days off for a mental break, you’re in control of your schedule.

Go at Your Own Pace - As we mentioned, online billing & coding programs tend to allow students to complete their coursework as quickly or slowly as they desire. You have the ability to learn and complete your program at any pace you feel is comfortable.

Value - According to Lessons.com, online medical billing & coding training can cost as little as $749. When you consider the fact that many four-year degree programs can cost six figures and leave you crawling out of debt for years to come, $749 seems like a sound investment in your future.

High Pay - In 2019, billers & coders averaged $46,590 (bls.gov). Not bad for a training program that could cost under $1,000, right?

Fast Training - While many med billing & coding programs take about 10 months to complete, online training programs often allow students to go at their own pace, meaning you could be career-ready even sooner if you want!

Work From Home - Nearly all med billing & coding jobs can be done remote nowadays, meaning you’ll have plenty of options to work from home if you’d like. However, many employers do still offer the ability to work in a medical office if you’d prefer being on-site.

So, after learning more about why medical billing & coding is such a widely sought up career path, whether it’s worth pursuing is really your call.

But, if you want to prepare for a high-paying career through a credible, cost-effective training program that you can complete right from your couch, then yes, it’s worth it!

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