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How Much Is Nursing Assistant Training? - Tuition Cost & Fees

How Much Is Nursing Assistant Training?

A 6-12 week nursing assistant certificate training program at medical trade school or community college will cost between $1,100 and $1,300 on average. At a public or private college, the program may cost a little more depending on its length, fee structure, and the location of the school. The total prices we observed were never much higher than $4,000 dollars.

Community College Cost

The community colleges we researched had a little variety in their pricing. But on average the CNA program cost was from about $750 dollars to $1,100 dollars. That’s including tuition and fees plus textbooks, badge, uniform, and drug screen.

Medical Trade School Cost

Of the medical trade schools we researched, most have one price that covers the whole certificate training course. Generally the price ranged between $1,100 - 1,300 for the accelerated programs. Find a local CNA training program now.

Public Colleges Cost

In-state residents who are learning on campus can expect to pay about $120.00 per credit. CNA certificate training programs are normally 5-10 credit hours. Though that price is about average, we’ve seen credit hours cost as low as $90.00 and as high as $160.00. Textbooks and uniform will probably add about $150.

Certification & State License Fees

AMCA: The American Medical Certification Association nursing assistant competency examination fee is $109.00, with study materials included.

After getting your certification, your state licensing generally costs between $50-100 dollars. Above information was researched 8/21/19. We will update information as necessary.

Note: Certification training programs are much shorter than diploma or degree programs and cover much less material. The cost of diploma and associate degree courses is substantially higher. Read medical assistant certificate vs degree for more about that.


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