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How Much is Classroom vs Online Medical Assistant Training?

Classroom vs Online Medical Assistant Training Cost

The cost of Medical Assistant training depends on many factors: the school and campus you attend, if you train for an Associate’s Degree or a diploma, and if you enroll in a classroom, online, or blended program. Learn more below about the difference in tuition costs between Medical Assistant training programs.


If you choose an in-person training program, you have the option to obtain a Medical Assisting Associate’s Degree or diploma. Tuition for Medical Assisting diploma programs can range from approximately $15,000 - $20,000. An Associate’s Degree program will require more lab hours and take longer to complete, so expect higher tuition prices of about $ 22,000 - $ 30,000.


Online medical assistant training programs allow you to obtain a Medical Assisting diploma and will cost roughly the same as classroom-based diploma programs. It’s easy to assume online training will cost less than in-person training, but that is not always the case.

Blended (Hybrid)

Blended or hybrid programs allow you to take some courses online while still gaining hands-on experience in a classroom or lab. This can be a great option if you’re interested in the convenience of online learning, but could still benefit from in-person instruction. Costs are similar to that of traditional or fully online programs.

Tuition Costs at Partner Schools

Below are price comparisons for some of our partner schools offering a variety of Medical Assisting training programs.

  • Carrington College: Costs vary by campus but range from $15,192 - $18,576 for diploma/certificate programs. Some campuses provide blended programs that fall in the same price range. For the fully online Medical Administrative Assistant program, the cost is $15,012.
  • Daymar College: A Medical Assisting Associate’s Degree program with a clinical focus costs $33,522. Daymar also offers an Administrative Medical Assistant diploma program that can be completed online. This program costs $22,348.
  • Dawn Career Institute: Traditional, online, and hybrid Medical Assisting diploma programs are available. All cost $15,200.
  • The College of Healthcare Professionals: Costs vary by campus but range from $16,350 - $16,950 for diploma/certificate programs. Some campuses provide blended programs that offer both online courses and hands-on training. Blended programs cost $16,950. One campus also offers a fully online program costing $22,090.

The listed prices above do not include all costs such as textbooks, lab fees, technology fees, and license exam fees.

While cost is one factor to think about, you should also consider which style of learning works best for you. For example, some students enjoy the flexible schedule of online classes while others prefer hands-on learning beside their peers. Learn more about what to expect from an online training program to see if it could be a good fit for you. The good news is that there is no right or wrong choice, and either can help prepare you for a career as a Medical Assistant.

Once you decide between online or classroom training, connect with a medical assistant school near you to learn more about their Medical Assisting programs and tuition costs.

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