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Myth Busting: Medical Transcriptionists

Many myths surround the medical transcriptionist industry. One, for example, is that men do not become medical transcriptionists. Many men work as medical transcriptionists. We break down some of the most common myths surrounding medical transcriptionist careers and give you an honest look at a good job — so you can prepare accordingly.

Some of the myths about medical transcriptionists are as follows:

It’s Easy to Get Into

Well, no; that’s not completely true. If you want a job as a medical transcriptionist, then you need to have the skills and resume to back it up. There is definitely training involved. You can go for a one-year diploma or a two-year associate degree, but you should go after one or the other. You’ll need to be well-versed in medical terms, anatomy, physiology, formatting reports, and legal issues related to healthcare. If you don’t have these skills, you will find it virtually impossible to find a job as a medical transcriptionist.

It’s Easy

Being a medical transcriptionist is not a job that requires intense training or extensive schooling — but it's not an easy job. You need excellent typing skills and a vast knowledge of medical terminology.

Sitting for long periods of time, listening to transcripts in order to type up those medical reports can be trying. Patience and concentration are necessary. It’s not easy to listen to those recorded transcripts. They may include unfamiliar accents, which make it even harder to understand what’s being said, and there may be terms used that you’ve never heard. You’ve got to be able to plow through it anyway.

It’s Easy to Multitask

Some medical transcriptionists have the option of working from home. Others may need to be in their healthcare facility — it mainly depends on what your employer requires. The complexity required in a medical transcriptionist's job can make it difficult to multitask without compromising the both the accuracy needed for the job, along with any necessary privacy considerations. Whether you work at home, or in the office, you must always be detail oriented.

No Problem?

Medical transcriptionists have a great job. Keep in mind that you must have acute attention to detail when working, and that while it does not require a lot of schooling, it isn't an "easy" profession. If you are someone who is organized, interested in medicine, and you have a knack for detail, then becoming a medical transcriptionist may be great for you.

Start by finding a school that offers medical transcriptionist classes near you.

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