3 Busted Medical Transcriptionist Myths

These beliefs are false, but the truth stands: Medical transcribing can be a great job. Many myths surround the medical transcriptionist indu... Continue Reading..

Different Types of Medical Assistants

This is one of the fastest growing careers, meaning you’ll be wanted by many to work for them. The demand for healthcare will continue ... Continue Reading..

What's Involved in Becoming a Medical Insurance Specialist?

If you’re organized, hate making mistakes, and interested in a medical career, this may be the role for you. Here’s what you’ll do a... Continue Reading..

Your Path Toward a Career as an X-Ray Tech

Radiologic technologists, or radiographers, capture images of bones and tissues. You’ll need people skills and a soothing personality as much as... Continue Reading..

Medical Biller and Medical Coder, the Differences

You both work toward the same goal, but how you get there is a separate career all your own. Medical billing and coding are often lumped toge... Continue Reading..

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