3 busted medical transcriptionist myths

There are quite a few myths that surround the medical transcriptionist industry. For instance, one is that men do not become medical transcriptionists... Continue Reading..

Different types of medical assistants

The demand for healthcare will continue to grow due to the aging of the population combined with more people becoming insured. Now is a perfect time, ... Continue Reading..

What's involved in becoming a Medical Insurance Specialist?

Medical Insurance Specialists are also known as insurance coders. To make sure the doctors office is properly reimbursed by the insurance company, ... Continue Reading..

Your path toward a career as an X-ray Tech

To become an X-ray technician, there is a clear-cut path you must take. Youll need to go to a college that offers, minimally, an associates degr... Continue Reading..

Medical Biller and Medical Coder, the differences

Medical billing and coding is often lumped together which make it sound as if its one career. However, that is not the case. Medical coders and med... Continue Reading..

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