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About Western Technical College

At Western Technical College, we believe that education is an important step to finding a rewarding career in today’s fast paced world. That’s why our admissions department is trained to guide you through the career planning process.

Curriculum offerings are designed to help students prepare for career opportunities in various technical and healthcare fields. Family-owned and operated for four generations, Western Technical College began as a trade school where people could learn how to take their passion and turn it into a career they loved. Since 1970, our real-world approach to education is one of the many reasons Western Technical College Graduates find success in their careers. Western Technical College will help you achieve your educational goals through a combination of hands-on experience, traditional classroom work, and industry-specific career development.

Western Tech provides quality training and education in a caring, professional environment that prepares new students and working adults with the skills they need to succeed and advance in their chosen careers.

Medical Billing & Coding

Western Technical College Medical Billing and Coding School offers a certificate program in Medical Billing and Coding that opens doors in this key segment of the industry. A Medical Billing and Coding certification from Western Technical College is the ticket to entry-level employment in this specialty. There is also room to grow, as individuals with a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate can continue on to obtain bachelors or master’s degrees that can prepare medical billers and certified coders for managerial opportunities.

The Medical Billing and Coding training program is taught with modern technology. Each student is provided a laptop on day one. The students are issued e-books with the exception of ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS. Half the Medical Billing and Coding Certification program entails hands-on instruction with electronic medical records and with other digital technologies. Students turn in their work electronically, take their exams online, and may chat with their professors online.

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