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Medical Specialties (AOS)

Medical Specialties (AOS) at Stevens-Henager College

An Occupational Associate's Degree in Medical Specialties offers diverse clinical and administrative courses, allowing graduates to consider a variety of entry-level healthcare employment opportunities. Medical Specialists are in great demand in doctors` offices, hospitals, laboratories, and health centers in all geographic areas. You will have many opportunities as a Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Lab Assistant, EKG Technician, or Phlebotomist. You may decide to work for a surgeon, pediatrician, or general practitioner in a private office, hospital, or diagnostic laboratory. Pharmacy Technicians work in hospitals and retail pharmacies assisting pharmacists. Pharmacy Technicians have expertise in drugs and dosages, ordering, receiving, stocking, dispensing, calculating, and pricing. Computer skills are also necessary, and they are an integral part of our training program.

Source: Career School Now - Stevens-Henager College

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