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InterCoast has a passion for educating students and helping them achieve their career goals. InterCoast prepares students for entry level positions in challenging careers.

The Education and skills training you will receive here at InterCoast is directed toward the development of technical skills and knowledge, along with the development of professional attitudes and behaviors related to study and work habits, interpersonal communication skills, self-discipline, and confidence.

Not all programs are available at all locations and not every program is enrolling at this time. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies

An Alcohol and Drug Counselor is a competent professional trained to offer alcohol and drug abuse counseling services to those seeking recovery from addiction. The instructional practices within the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies program involves counseling fundamentals, addiction treatment and relapse prevention, ethical conduct and relevant laws, pharmacology and the brain, as well as skills-development to enhance personal and professional growth. Offered online.

Medical Assistant

This program is designed for those students who desire knowledge and skills in both administrative front office and clinical back office. The program is designed to provide students with extensive and comprehensive training in body structure and the functions of the various body systems. Students will develop a working knowledge of specimen collection and various laboratory procedures to include infection control, EKG, injections, and sterilization. Students will also learn proper techniques in assisting in minor surgical procedures and preparation of patients for diagnostic tests.


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