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For over 40 years, Brookline College has been preparing students for rewarding careers in health care and nursing. At Brookline College we help you earn your degree, learn specialized skills, and get a jump start on your career.

Brookline College is an independent, accredited institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of a developing multicultural society. The institution is committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements of business, industry, public service organizations, and medical support agencies functioning in a highly advanced and expanding technological community.

Medical Assistant - Diploma

The Medical Assistant Program provides the necessary training for entry-level positions as a medical assistant in a clinic, physician office or urgent care facility. Graduates will be able to use their skills and knowledge in such areas as patient interaction, basic coding and billing, office procedures, use of technology, medical legal documentation and electronic medical records. They will also be able to appropriately assess patient/client situations and intervene within their scope of practice.

Patient Care Technician - Diploma

The Patient Care Technician Program provides training for entry level positions to effectively function in the role of a patient care technician in a clinic, hospital, urgent care facility, rehabilitation facility or other health care environment.

Medical Laboratory Technician - Associate of Science

The role of the Medical Laboratory Technician is critical in providing results that aid the physician in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. In addition to learning techniques related to the collection and processing of samples, students will learn the purpose and procedures for routine laboratory tests in the areas of blood bank, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, urinalysis and serology. Graduates will be prepared for entry level positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

Phlebotomy Technician - Diploma

The Phlebotomy Program is designed to prepare the students to obtain blood specimens from patients for the purpose of testing and analyzing. The phlebotomy technician works in a drawing station, clinics or medical laboratory or under the direction of the laboratory supervisor. The job requires manual dexterity and additional skills in communication and clerical duties.


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